PV Fans Unite On Facebook…Without Me?

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Now here`s something that just made me smile this morning. Somebody out there has good taste! I received a Facebook message from my friend Naomi telling me that someone has started a fan page for my favorite replica handbags site, Purse Valley on Facebook. I hadn`t even thought of doing that, but it`s about time. They`re the best, and I guarantee there are fans of their stuff all over Facebook.

I can`t wait to see it grow. It`s actually going to be a really great reference for a lot of the things I`m talking about here on Spot. I always love hearing what everyone else is saying…no matter how much I trust my own fashion taste…lol.

You can visit PV don`t forget to show your love, by joining the page! See you there…

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Great Bag If You Can Wait

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This is a really great review by a lovely reader, Victoria Woods, who was on to some great little tactics for pre-screening your purchase. She also gets my full respect for hounding the customer service when she was mistreated and her package was missing. This is the kind of active shoppers I like to hear from! Love it!

“Hey Ms. Eva!

I wanted to share a review of my recent Mulberry Bayswater purchase from bag. I first did my search through Bag for a Bayswater and was going to make the purchase when I noticed small differences in detail from the pictures on the Mulberry site and Bag site. The zipper was going from left to right as opposed to right to left, as well as the Mulberry leather patch inside on the Bag site was square/rectangle as opposed to the oval shape on the Mulberry site. But, I came to find out through web searches and forums that this is normal in some purses (supposedly, haven’t seen any pictures to verify yet). So I made my purchase on bag on the 26th of February. What sweetened the deal was the free shipping and the deal of purchasing more items gave me a discount on the total price. I basically got a Tiffany bracelet for free and brought the price of the purse down by a couple of dollars.

After a week, I got anxious waiting to here back about if it had shipped out. I sent a couple of messages (since there’s no phone number) with no response. I was starting to get upset because they have my money yet I have no purse, let alone any information of what’s going on. After about a week and half from placing the order, I finally get an email saying it shipped…great! So I go to try and track it from the information they gave and it didn’t show any information. After a day or two of the same message I got scared again. I sent two more emails demanding to know what was going on with my order and finally got a response back on Monday (03/14) that they had given me the wrong shipping company and said it was on it’s way and I should receive it by Tuesday or Wednesday. So…thankfully I received my package yesterday and here are the results 
The purse smelled soooo good, like real leather (I keep smelling it, lol) and it was more than I expected. The quality of leather is just a wonder. It’s a mirror image of what I see on the Mulberry site and other purse sites. The stitching is perfect and it contains the Made In England tag and everything. The purse looks a bit more shiny in the pics as I had to use my camera on my phone (damn droid x). But as you can see the purse looks great and I love it. I’m not in love with their line of communication but considering it came from China, I guess I should’ve been little more patient but I don’t regret my actions.”

What do you girls think, have you had any experience with Beubag.com so far?

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Reader Submitted Review: A Great Place To Purchase Replica Shoes!

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So, I usually stick exclusively to replica handbags on this blog, but when Rebekah sent me a review  the Christian Louboutin pumps she got from them, I couldn`t resist posting it. After all, I`m sure you guys are into all kinds of fashion – not just bags – and we should all know where to find great replica kicks, right? So, without further adieu, here is Rebekah`s great review!

“Hey Eva!
I received my purchase yesterday. I ordered the CL Bikki leopard pump. I knew it was risky because it would be a hard shoe to replicate but my bf loved them when I showed them to him online!

replica christian louboutin
So their customer service is great!!! They respond to emails usually within a couple hours! They also sent me a $10 off coupon for my first purchase! I received my order seven days after ordering!! I couldn’t believe how fast they shipped – oh and they always have FREE shipping! Big plus in my book!
The shoes are gorgeous. Velvet heel and platform pump – just like the original. The shoe itself is some sort of “hair” or “fur” – not sure what the original shoe is made of but from the pics I saw online, the material of the shoe I received is spot on to the original! The only difference I noticed is that the straps on my shoe are more of a yellow leather whereas the original shoe is a tan leather. I’m going to try some brown shoe polish on the straps to darken them up. I live in Ohio so NO ONE will even notice the difference if I left them as is – it’s more for myself really.
Also, redhighshoe.com has daily “flash” specials where they put certain shoes on sale, usually $30-$40 off. And they’re pretty inexpensive compared to other shoe replica sites. The shoe I ordered was $166, with no shipping! I thought it was a great deal.
Overall, I WILL purchase again – and probably very soon!!! They have a HUGE selection of gorgeous shoes from multiple designer shoes. They do sell handbags but I will still use pursevalley for my handbags. I just love their quality bags, so I cannot turn my back on them. 

Check out the site, and let others know about it! It’s a great place to purchase replica shoes!! Enjoy!

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Replica Handbags At Purse: My Christmas Shopping Spree

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This morning I woke up and had a terrible realization: There are less than two weeks of Christmas shopping left! And, I`ve hardly begun. Rather than flying off into a panic, I lay in bed for a moment and composed myself, then proceeded to put on a pot of coffee and turn on my computer. You see, when I was laying there in bed I remembered that Purse always has a great Christmas gift Ideas section and, after doing some quick mental math, I realized that I had just enough time to get those Christmas orders in and ensure I get the bags before the big day. In 30 minutes I knocked three people off my list…in my pyjamas! replica Hermes Kelly bag.Want to know what I got?

Up first is my 17-year-old cousin Arianna. I just adore Ari. She`s a really cool girl and she`s growing up to be a woman so fast (right in front of my eyes!). I know her taste pretty well – cousin Eva takes her shopping every time she comes to Miami, luck girl – so I think I hit the nail right on the head when I got her a replica Fendi Peekaboo. This bag is super hip with its` graffiti motif but it`s still just as elegant as any other Fendi design. I think it will speak to her rebellious spirit while gently nudging her towards the sophistication of designer replica Hermes Kelly bag.

I just wrote about this bag, I know. So, I don`t need to tell you how much I love it or why I think it`s the best new bag to be released in the past 5 years. Instead, I`ll tell you that this is the perfect bag for my kid sister. Victoria is the best, and she deserves the best….so? I got her the best bag out there right now, the Mulberry Alexa in brown calfskin. I can`t wait to see her open up this present! She`s going to love it! (plus, I think she looks a bit like Alexa Chung)

Mom`s are the hardest to shop for, no? I don`t know what your mothers are like, but mine is the sort of woman who knows exactly what she wants, and then goes about getting it. So, there`s rarely a fashion item that she wants because as soon as she wants it, she`s got it. But, I know for a fact that she doesn`t have a Hermes Kelly bag yet, and although she might not know that she wants it yet, I certainly do (daughters just have a way knowing). So, I got her this charming replica Hermes Kelly bag in vibrant red leather – it`s the perfect Christmas bag, really. And, I`m sure that mom will love it!

Wow, do I feel relieved. The shopping is almost done, just like that! Luckily, none of the people I bought gifts for regularly check this blog…..let`s hope they don`t start in the next two weeks!

What handbags are on your Christmas list?

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The Mulberry Alexa: The IT Bag For The IT Girl

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If you aren`t a dedicated follower of fashion, you might not know who Alexa Chung is. If you don`t, you clearly haven`t picked up a copy of Vogue`s Best Dressed 2011 Special Edition, and you need to do some research girl. But if you are one of the few people who`ve been trapped under a rock for the last few years and missed this ‘Rocker Girl’ with street cool, it`s ok, I`m not judging you. But you should know that Mulberry has designed an amazing bag inspired by/named after Alexa and not just anybody gets a bag named after them.

The Mulberry Alexa is, arguably, the most instantly iconic bag released in the last two years. While the industry is moving away from reliance in “It Bags” and towards diversity and expression of individuality, the Alexa has found a way to become the universally coveted amongst fashionistas. If you can afford just one Mulberry ( I have two – one clutch in chocolate and a cross body in yellow….and I`m considering buying a third!) this cross body in brown calfskin (see above) from Purse is the bag for you. Alexa herself has been seen with this bag countless times. Here`s a great image of her rocking it with an absolutely adorable outfit.

The Mulberry line is best described as masculine urban chic – their inspiration was a mix of Alexa Chung`s London-Soho casual cool and their own vintage men`s briefcases – and this androgynous look is perfect for the current fashion scene where standard gender-roles are being bent by both men and women. I love the Alexa. And, I love the way it adds strength to my look. I consider myself to be a strong, independent minded woman, and this bag is perfect for expressing just that.

You can see in the image above how Alexa (wearing her namesake bag in two of those shots) is able to look feminine, casual, and strong at once. That, my friends, is a great modern look and that`s why she`s making best dressed lists just about every week. Mulberry was wise to name this bag after her because both Alexa and her namesake bag are totally NOW. But, I`ll stop preaching this Mulberry Alexa gospel. What do you guys think?

Is the Mulberry Alexa worthy of It Bag status?

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Who The Heck Is Vivienne Westwood?


Ok, so lately the name Vivienne Westwood seems to be popping up everywhere. Maybe it`s because I`ve been a total Anglophile lately – loving the style of young Brits like Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson – but for some reason I`m seeing Vivienne Westwood all over the place. The thing is, I didn`t really know anything about her or her designs, so I did a little research – because, when it comes to fashion, Eva Knox simple needs to know everything!

From Punk to Runway

When I first saw images of Vivienne all I could think of was – that is one crazy looking punk-rock witch. She looks absolutely insane. She`s sallow, pale, and nearly 70, yet she dies her hair bright red and wears the most outlandish things you can imagine – talk about eccentric! But it all made a lot more sense when I found out that she basically invented Punk Rock style – she`s the woman who dressed Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. Over the past 35 years, the woman has gone from being a counter-culture icon to being a powerful mainstream designer and one of Britain`s leading fashion figures (she was even given the Order of the British Empire, making her Dame Vivienne Westwood). Her designs were even featured in the Sex and the City movie – how mainstream is that!

Below is a picture of Vivienne with Aygness Deyn, inheritor of her British-punk-princess crown.

Vivienne`s Signature Style

But, even though Vivienne is a mainstream hit (it seem like all of Britain`s coolest young stars are wearing her designs), she hasn`t lost her edge. Her clothes, bags, and shoes are always vibrant, engaging, out-there, and (at times) volatile. But who wants fashion to be safe and tame? I love the fact that Vivienne continues to stir things up with her designs.

Check out the runway photo from her Fall/Winter collection from last year. It`s all about rich, vibrant colours, angular and irregular designs, and edgy chic. I can`t say that I`d be able to pull off any of these designs, but there`s a 20-year-old girl in me who would love to try!

Vivienne`s Best Bags

I`ve been talking about style and clothes so far. But, this is a handbag blog, right? It`s about time I talk about some bags!

Vivienne Westwood is certainly more well known for her shoes and her prêt-a-porter collections than her bags, but I think that`s about to change. Why?

1. Her bags are edgy, vibrant, urban-friendly, and simple. All of these things are totally in right now
2. Her name carries with it both fashion blog cool and street credibility
3. The Vivienne Westwood logo has all the making for iconic status – it just needs to catch on.

Here are a few of my favourite Vivienne Westwood bags (all can be found on her website). Judge for yourself.

This little Westwood Derby Bag Albion is so cute I can hardly stand it.

This Ebury Midnight Blue is a perfect example of what I was talking about both in the simplicity and in the iconic emblem. Check out that gold Westwood orb!

I love this Stripy Bow Bag. It`s cute, edgy, and displays a beautiful sense of colour.

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