Prada Saffiano Leather Double Black and Red Bag Review

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We are all accustomed with Prada’s surprising ability of designing very stylish and versatile handbags with a timeless appeal. But its newest collection introduces models that awake our imagination. One of my favorite ones is the Prada Saffiano Leather Double Bag in Black and Red. This purse comes at a shocking price of $4,240, but it also brings a welcomed doze of class, sophistication and color. It is the ultimate city bag that has the incredible ability of seamlessly transiting from workweek to weekend. Plus, it is perfect for any season.

prada saffiano double bag black and red

Crafted from rich Saffiano calf leather and constructed with a spacious and practical interior, this apparently classic looking purse is everything you need for a stylish look throughout the day. Speaking of Saffiano leather, I was planning for a while now to tell you more about this particular type of material. What is Saffiano leather and what makes it so special?

Prada manufactures this leather exclusively using a distinctive stamping method. As you can see from the pictures of most Prada Saffiano bags, this is a uniquely textured leather. To obtain it, the high quality calf hide leather used by Prada for its bags has been treated first and afterwards the special texture has been pressed on it by using a machinery. The result it a leather that has a cross-hatch finish on its surface, a recognizable diagonal pattern. The final step is to apply a wax treatment that gives it a classy, but subtle shine.

prada saffiano double bag black and red front

The Saffiano leather feels delicate when you touch it, but has the necessary firmness and sturdiness to stand tall by its own and endure daily use without showing even the slightest tear and wear mark. Its classic shape is what makes it so iconic. It is the type of bag that will always be in competition with famous designs such as the Chanel 2.55, Hemes Birkin, LV Speedy or Lady Dior. Besides its extremely appealing aesthetics, the Prada Saffiano Leather Double Bag Black and red is extremely wallet friendly and it is more suitable for younger fashionistas that need a stylish purse that can be worn both at work and at special events.

The black rectangular body of the Prada Saffiano Leather Double bag is manufactured entirely from Saffiano leather. The bold contrast is given by the extravagant double red crocodile leather handles that have an elegant prolonged arched shape. The top part doesn’t have a zipper closure. It is opened. There are only snap closures on the sides. To protect things like your wallet or other private belonging, at the center of its interior there is one inside flap pocket that has the top part from the same rich red crocodile leather and is marked with the PRADA name in gold metallic lettering.

prada saffiano double bag black and red side

The front of its exterior features the iconic yellow gold lettering logo on a black leather triangle which is located on the top part. There is also a key holder attached to one of the handles. This is made from the sophisticated red crocodile leather and featured stunning yellow gold details.To keep the two handles together the Prada Saffiano Leather Double Bag Black and Red comes with a small and discrete leather ring that has a snap closure.

This Prada purse in black and red  Saffiano is available with gold plated hardware that has been flawlessly crafted and polished. The model measures 11.8 inches in length, 8.8 inches heights and 5.5 inches width. At the inside, the bag features superior quality Nappa leather lining that has a very refined and chic look.

prada saffiano double bag black and red inside

The black and red Saffiano bag is not just a very spacious and stylish handbag, it is also a very comfortable and versatile purse. Due to its attachable black Saffiano leather shoulder strap you can also use it as a cross body purse or as a shoulder bag.

There are some handbags that instantly catch your attention and their brand is recognizable at first glance. Extremely loved by fashionable women across the globe, the Prada Saffiano is one of the most iconic classic purses. This model comes in a variety of colors and materials, but one of the most stylish one is the black and red version. This design is everything you adore on a designer purse- it has a unique personality, it is elegant and effortlessly versatile.

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