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They are simple, but beautiful – the Chanel Lambskin Pumps and Boots for the Cruise 2016 Collection. The pumps are perfect for work and for the evenings, embellished with the brand’s woven chain strap near the toe. And refined with the tiny CC logo on the back.


Then you have the Chanel Lambskin Boots for the casual-chic styles. It has the same woven chain strap near the toe and also the CC logo on the back. These boots are perfect to pair with your Classic Flap Bag, especially if you have them both in black.

Both shoes comes with high heels, the pumps version style code is G31531, priced at €590 euro.

The boots version style code is G31529, priced at €990 euro.



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Lampshading or How to Wear Oversized Sweaters with Boots

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Oversized sweaters have always been one of those “guilty pleasure” trends, since you can maximize your comfort while rocking a chic, or otherwise adorable, sweater. But there is a similar trend, which may not be quite as sophisticated, that has been flying a bit under the radar lately. Seen on the likes of the Kardashian sisters, “lampshading” seems to be the new hot trend among the hip social elite.

Lampshading Fashion Trend

Yes, the word might sound pretty funny, but the result can actually be a lot of fun. Lampshading involves wearing an oversized top over unperceivable shorts; so basically, it’s wearing large shirts as dresses, therefore giving the wearer a similar silhouette to that of a lampshade. Unless you’re worried about your legs getting cold, this trend doesn’t stray too much from the more commonly seen large sweaters paired with leggings. That is, if you’re not afraid to show a bit more skin in the process.

Many of the starlets who have dared to rock this trend have paired their oversized sweatshirts with tall boots, but it inexplicably doesn’t cheapen the look like you might think. Rather, it adds a juxtaposed layer of formality to the ultra-comfortable tops. So this whole concept isn’t as casual as it appears to be. There is quite a bit of thought that has to go into making something like this look so good; it’s not exactly easy for someone to just toss on a sweatshirt, forego the pants, and look totally edgy while they strut down the street.

Boot-clad stars like the Kardashians and Kate Moss have been seen traipsing around the streets with these looks, managing to maintain a level of power, while singer Zendaya dressed up her sweaters by donning high heels for her formal events. Other followers of this obscure trend go a different route that keeps everything as casual as the top, by pairing it with sneakers. So there are ways for lampshading to translate to all types of occasions.

Sweatshirts, sweaters, graphic tees, and other abstract tops have been seen in recent years on stars taking part in the intriguing lampshading trend, so there’s room for anyone’s distinct style. This isn’t a tabloid-grabbing trend, nor should it be, but it is definitely not something that should simply fly under the radar. A trend like this is all about individuality. If you find a to-die-for sweater that’s all sold out in your size, you might consider checking a few sizes up; if you’re willing to try out a more radical trend!

Lampshading Fashion Trend

The lampshading trend could also turn innovative, with the possibility of taking a chic sweater, and turning it into a still-chic sweater dress. Some looks seen around the fashion scene have fallen on the grungy side, with holes cut out. This could be something to consider as a possible DIY project, even. While many people opt to buy pre-torn clothes, there’s no harm in trying it out on some of your older sweaters that you’re looking to spice up.

Regardless of the way you want to portray yourself, or the type of clothes you like to wear, the lampshading trend might just surprise you. Even if you’re not brave enough to wear it out to run errands, I can assure you it is a very comfy trend to buy into – even if you’re just having some time by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

This may not be the most glamorous trend to come to the streets in recent times, but it’s one of the most versatile ones around. There’s nothing to lose from trying on that big sweatshirt, so for whatever purpose or style, try it out.

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Celebs Are Over the Moon for Over-the-Knee Designer Boots This Week

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Chanel is totally one of the leading producers of designer bags…but of course, we wouldn’t make the mistake of leaving out their line of fabulous footwear! Presenting, the Chanel Short Boots, another stylish piece that’s sure to add some spice to your outfit, whatever the season. We hope you’re just as excited as we are!

Imagine yourself on a clear, autumn day…sipping a tall latte while you strut the streets in your favorite trench coat and Chanel boots. A beautiful picture, right? Well then, you can make it happen! This baby is highly versatile because it comes in a beautiful black color. It has a kid suede and grosgrain exterior with bow detail and a gold ‘CC’ on top – a simple yet elegant design element. And it’s all yours for the taking!

With a 105mm heel, and a style code of G31332, you can get your very own Bow Short Boots for €850 EUR via Chanel boutique.



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Are you looking for something fancy, or something that’s gonna make you stand out? Look no further, Chanel Stretched High Boots are here! Ever the creator of subtle statement pieces, Chanel gives us two different variations of their high boots, which also come in different colors and materials. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Chanel Stretch High Boots in Suede Lambskin and Grosgrain
Style code: G31361
Price: €1500 EUR

This suede, nude lambskin stunner is pretty interesting…primarily because it comes in a basic neutral, and is thigh high. Neutrals are pretty cool with attention grabbing, but the length of this boot seems to rake in some stares. This baby is perfect for the season, as you stroll out in your favorite trench coat and bask in the scent of falling autumn leaves…in designer, no less.


Chanel Stretch High Boots in Suede Lambskin and Grosgrain
Style code: G31361
Price: €1500 EUR

Of course, we’re not gonna leave out this black lambskin in the dark. How could Chanel create something so chic as this piece? We don’t know how they do it exactly, but we’re completely sold. Highly versatile, these boots dare to accompany most of your wardrobe choices this season.

Both boots have a 65mm heel, which give your legs the leverage they need. You can get your very own Stretch Boots now via Chanel boutique.


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A few days ago, we’ve featured the Chanel Lambskin Pumps with Platform Metal Tip Heel. Today, we’re going to spice things up a little bit more with the Chanel Lambskin Short Boots! This fancy footwear is made for walking, darling! It shares the same metal tip with CC signature on its heel – a shiny addition to the whole look.

The piece has a durable black lambskin exterior that shines like no other. Because it comes in a beautiful neutral and has a simple, no-frills form and structure, you can wear it with most of your wardrobe pieces. It’s so versatile! Wear it with your favorite trench for an amazing fall look, or pair it with your favorite boyfriend jeans for added appeal.

With a 110mm heel and a style code of G31301, you can get your very own Lambskin Short Boots for €990 EUR via Chanel boutique. You deserve it, girl!


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