Saint Laurent Cassandre Shopper Tote

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As far as elegance goes, the Saint Laurent Cassandre shopper bag lacks nothing. There are several reasons why we handpicked this bag, first we love all things-classic. Usually timeless bags are famous not only because of their history or the brand’s fame but they also match effortless to most of your clothes in your wardrobe, just like an ice cube melting in your glass of cold water. The Cassandre shopper tote reminds me of the Chanel grand shopping tote and the Diorling tote, it’s clean, minimal and the iconic initials create a powerful statement. The major difference is that it’s not quilted like Chanel and Dior, but the leather is made from soft and smooth calfskin. Even though Hedi Slimane has decided to remove the ‘Yves’ from its iconic name, leaving only Saint Laurent, this Cassandre tote’s iconic features remains intact. YSL stands for Yves Saint Laurent and we would miss the Y if they didn’t include it.

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