Chanel Cruise Bag Collection

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If you’re already hunting for your next Chanel bag, then please ‘pardon our interruption, but we needed to make sure you are way ahead of the trend before anyone does. You see, Chanel will be releasing the Cruise 2015 Collection very soon and we think it’s always better to prepare than not to. So, you got your wish list in your pocket?Chanel-Resort-2015-Bag-Collection-4  

Before we go into the ‘boy’ (I know, we can’t wait), I want to tell you a little bit more about the story of the Chanel CC Golden Clutch Bag first. You see, we have alarmed you about this clutch some time ago, if you can’t remember then please go to Chanel CC Golden Clutch Bag. This clutch bag is decorated with golden CC all around the body, which makes it so rich and luxurious. It’s finalized with an interwoven chain link, also in gold and even the leather strap. It should be made from plexi glass, which is a strong material. Oh gosh, are you already melting away?


Gold is the theme of Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection, even the boy is entirely painted in gold. It’s a creative design, instead of quilts in the center, Chanel re-made it with round-shaped dots. The Boy CC is in gold, the strap and even the big chain, the person carrying this will leave a permanent impression.


Finally, we want to give some attention to the Jerry Can Bag, I am serious; this is its real name. Chanel has already featured several designs on the catwalk, including one that’s entirely in gold and made from lambskin. You can glance more pictures at Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection Preview. So what do you think about the ‘boy’, you like?


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Chanel Metallic Iridescent Cruise 2016 Boy Bag Review

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Chanel Metallic Iridescent Cruise 2016 Rainbow Purple Boy Bag

It’s been branded the mermaid bag by online fashion bloggers, due to its metallic sheen and oil slick appearance, but the Chanel Small Boy Bag in Metallic Iridescent is everything! I personally came across this bag a few days ago when I was checking out the Chanel Cruise 2016 collection on their website and I completely fell in love. The moment I saw the purple sheen and the iridescent hardware, my eyes were instantly drawn to its beauty. The purple sheen on the goat leather changes to a pearly green and blue as the light moves, while the chain itself is an iridescent rainbow of beauty, as is the lock closure and all its hardware. Combining these together definitely makes it mermaid appropriate, I think you would agree?

I’m not lucky enough to own this amazing bag, but a few people on The Purse Forum and on YouTube definitely are, so I have compiled their photos together as well as two video reviews of the Metallic Iridescent Boy Bag for you to check it out for yourself, all in one place, and decide whether or not you love it. One of the girls in the video said it’s the most beautiful bag she has ever seen and couldn’t stop staring at it. Are any of you lucky enough to own this beautiful bag yourself? I’d love for you to share your opinions on it too!

I’ve always been a fan of Chanel, owning one of their gorgeous Velvet Boy Bags in Bordeaux from last season and adoring their classics, but I have to say that the brand is definitely upping their game right now in terms of pushing the boundaries. I’ve always found the French fashion house sticks to seasonal pieces and isn’t very daring, but in recent years, they have truly stepped outside their comfort zone and created bags which have been stunning, much like this metallic one here. It makes me excited to see what’s to come from Chanel in seasons to come.

As this is impossible to find, buy a very similar Rebecca Minkoff version here.


Chanel Metallic Iridescent Boy Bag Video Reviews


If the Boy Bag is not your thing, it also comes in the Flap Bag as well! So there’s a style for everyone! Check out the Chanel Small Flap Bag in Metallic Iridescent here. Isn’t it beautiful? I’d love to know which bag you prefer though in this metallic purple, the Boy or the Flap? Let us here at Fashion Runway Blog know!

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Chanel Satin Sandals
Style code: G31433
Price: €750 euro

Why is Chanel selling Sandals in the fall and winter seasons? To be honest, we do not know. But what we do know is that they’re dazzling and that you should get a pair for the spring and summer seasons.

You see, what is Chanel famous for? Classic Flap Bag, Pearls and Camilla flowers right? Well, you can find all these elements back into these shoes.


Sandals in Navy Blue and Burgundy, adorned with precious pearls (girls best friend after diamonds).


Chanel Lambskin Sandals
Style code: G31502
Price: €850 euro

And if you don’t like pearls, then you will certainly fall in love with Classic-Flap-Bag-inspired sandals, like this one…


Chanel Velvet Calfskin Sandals
Style code: G31486
Price: €560 euro

The Sandals in Camilla flowers are simple yet brilliant. Made in luxurious velvet to make it comfortable for your feet. Can you say no to that?


Chanel Lambskin Sandals
Style code: G31434
Price: €790 euro


Chanel Lambskin Sandals
Style code: G31463
Price: €690 euro









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Chanel Pixel Effect Flap Bag From Cruise 2016

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Introducing the Chanel Pixel Effect Flap Bag. This bag is part of Chanel’s Cruise 2016 Collection. It is made of the classic quilted leather in micro perforation creating a pixel effect. The Pixel Effect Flap comes in three colors in metallic finish, Gold, Rose Gold and Black. Aside from the Small and Medium size Classic Flaps, it is also available in WOC and Small Leather Goods.

Style & Price



Chanel Pixel Effect Mini Flap Bag $3,100.00 (USD)
Chanel Pixel Effect Medium Flap Bag $4,900.00 (USD)
Chanel Pixel Effect WOC Bag $2,100.00 (USD)

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There are things in life that you need to fight for it, you know, like love. And if you’re a big fan of Chanel (or completely obsessed with it), it’s also love, but in a different way. Chanel love.

And some people might find this ridiculous and perhaps it is. But when you want to buy the Chanel Espadrilles (and that’s all you want for 2016 and nothing more), you have the cash and the buying-decision-already made, and then gets told that they’re sold-out again, again and again, it’s kinda frustrating.

But here’s the good news – for as far as the Chanel Espadrilles became hot, they’ve been reintroduced season after season. So what does this mean? That you will have a chance to get a pair yourself.

But you need to get prepared; you need to be first to walk into the store when the new collection is released. And it’s only better because you will PLENTY of choices (especially colors) to choose.

Now for this season, here are the details for the Espadrilles:

Chanel Espadrilles
Style code: G29762
Price: €540 euro








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