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Turning Japanese can have its perks, and Hermès is about to give you a heads-up with its great line of Furoshiki bags – artistic, functional and a great way to wear your piece loud and proud! This bag is part of the house’s Petit H initiative, which aims at elevating the status of recycling and repurposing the company’s own scrap materials into other innovative products.

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used as a means of carrying and transporting clothing, gifts and other goods. Hermès has took on the challenge and re-created this finesse art form using 90 cm silk twill scarves and leather hides from the fabric cellar of the Petit H workshop, which guarantees strict supervision and quality materials with every bag.

It has a unique, soft cloth structure with an octagonal base in bull calfskin. It also comes with a silk zip pouch with every purchase, to help you store all your day essentials as you go. These whimsical designs are off the charts, and are sure to make any drab outfit exciting. You can choose among the variety of color swatches available, and they will take care of the rest. Surprise! A very unique design, especially made for you.

The bag measures around 22 x 22 cm from the base, with a maximum height of 53 cm. Priced at £1060 GBP or €1150 EUR, get yours today at the Hermès online boutique.

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