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Everything-limited is certainly worth chasing, like the Hermes Kelly Flag Wallet. We were told that only 12 pieces were available in each store.

The Kelly Wallet is one of Hermes’s Classic accessories and needs no introduction – the beautiful Kelly Lock in the center is what we’re all craving for. The Flag Wallet edition is in bi-color blue and black or in bi-color red and burgundy. Check out the other color here: Shopping with Jameson: Hermes Kelly Flag Wallet and Lindy Bags.

The purpose of this post is to give you more details about this beauty. First, it’s covered in Epsom Calfskin. The interior is the same as the original Kelly Wallet, it features 12 credit card slots, 2 pockets for bills, central zip purse for change with Kelly Lock pull-tab. This bag is great as an evening clutch or a long wallet.

Measuring 4.5’ x 7.7’ inches, priced at $3650 USD via Hermes boutique.


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It’s been a while since we’ve published a ‘Shopping with’ article. Usually we also provide some additional information about limited edition handbags.

But anyways, our friend Jameson has bought four unique Hermes handbags – the Hermes Kelly Flag Wallet, Hermes Kelly Pochette, the Lindy Bag and Evelyne Bag.

The Hermes Kelly Flap Wallet is in Blue and Black. And as you can see, it’s quite a large wallet and features the iconic lock in the center. I love the vivid detailing like the stitches around the edges.

For those that are interested in Kelly Wallets, the SA told Jameson that these wallets are limited now. Last year only 12 pieces came into the store (Hermes @t Canada). The Kelly Flag Wallet is even more limited especially in bi-colors.


More over, Jameson has also bought two Hermes Lindy Bags in timeless colors black and brown. Here are the full details:

And for the prices:
Hermes Flag Kelly Wallet: $4250 CAD (ex. tax)
Hermes Lindy Bag: $9100 CAD (ex. tax)
Hermes Evelyn Bag: $1930 CAD (ex. tax)








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Hermes Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Hermes Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag. This limited edition bag, is Hermes playful take on their iconic Kelly bag. The Quelle Idole or more popularly known as Kelly Doll was produced back in 2000. Jean-Louis Dumas designed this bag himself. Although this bag has already been discontinued, it returns once in a while to celebrate an opening of a new Hermes boutique.

It is a mini version of the Kelly bag measuring at 6″ W x 5.5″ H x 2.5″ D. It features moveable arms, legs and a smiling face. The nose serves as the bag’s turn-lock closure. The bag is made of Gulliver leather and it does not include a shoulder strap. It is now a rare find, but from time to time, it becomes available on some authentic resellers, but expect to pay a high amount.

Hermes Orange Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag

Hermes Chocolat Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag

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8 Reasons Why We’ve Gone Hermes Kelly Crazy

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Although it’s a love that can never be fully explained, PurseBop is going to try to officially explain some of the reasons why #PurseBopsGoneKellyCrazy. Hermes has some bags that we simply can’t get over. We’ve previously explored 8 reasons why the Hermes Birkin is the Ultimate Holy Grail Bag. Today, we’ve got 8 convincing reasons why you should be Kelly Crazy too!

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1. It's a Hermes Masterpiece

Down to every little accessory, Hermes lives up to its reputation of excellence in craftsmanship. However, the Kelly is a paragon of Hermes’ achievements and capabilities. The ingenuity of design and painstaking work put into the making of the Kelly truly has to be appreciated.

Screen shot 2011-03-30 at 8_59_07 AM
Screen shot 2011-03-30 at 8_58_57 AM

2. It Brings Out Our Inner Grace Kelly

Elegant. Feminine. Classic. The Hermes Kelly is impossibly chic. We can’t help but channel Grace Kelly when toting the bag. Wearing a K makes you feel like you’ve got it all together.


3. The Kelly is Just Too Pretty

Believe it or not, we don’t mean this in just a superficial way. The beautiful structure, rich colors, and luxe leather of a Kelly make the bag come to life with character. The Kelly speaks for itself and emits its own radiance. But yes, we just love LOOKING at it! Whether it is in  retourne or sellier style, the Kelly stands with striking stature.

FullSizeRender 100
FullSizeRender 99

4. The search for the "Elusive Kelly" only intensifies our craze

The Birkin gets the rep for being Hermes’ “needle in a haystack” bag. However, the Kelly is equally, or even more rare in some cases, due to limited quantities and high desirability. Many people get offered Birkins way before any word on their preferred Kellys. It is often a misconception that the Kelly is easier to shoot for in the Hermes game. Hermes SAs are working with limited stock, and above all, are looking to find a great recipient and home for each H bag. The wait for a Kelly can be as long and anxious as a wait for a Birkin. Let’s face it – we all want what we can’t have, so cue more Kelly craziness!

FullSizeRender 102

One Kelly in a sea of Birkins ~ @cindylestari

5. We all love playing the "B or K?" game

When it comes to bags, the Birkin and the Kelly are undoubtedly Hermes’ two shining stars. Due to more media presence, the Birkin has a slightly stronger legacy and more people gravitate towards it as their “ultimate holy grail bag”. However, the Kelly in no way, shape, or form is “second best”. The Birkin is not necessarily the end all, be all, and many fashionistas greatly prefer the K over the B. Embrace your Kelly craziness and claim your spot on TEAM KELLY. That being said, full support and fair play for Team Birkin too – everyone wins in the Hermes faceoff!


6. Climbing the H Hierarchy: We need the Golden "H" stamp

Even if you’re completely new to the brand or an avid collector, if you’ve had your sights set on your dream K but haven’t found it yet, the thirst unbearably continues. Finally getting your hands on the perfect Kelly is the ultimate Hermes validation, and a battle won in itself in the ever unpredictable H game. A Kelly win feels like an opening to more K and B delights.

FullSizeRender 101

7. The Kelly will be a true gem in your collection

We all love bags, and we all wish for many, many more bags. However, can we make the claim that the Hermes K can be the bag for you? The Hermes Kelly is a classic, and even as one bag alone, can elevate your whole collection. It can be an everyday go-to or brought out for special occasions. Due to its desirability, the Kelly as an investment, can hold its value just as well as a Birkin.


8. The Kelly Does It All

From formal to casual, the Kelly works for every occasion because it was designed with a woman’s needs and feminine aesthetic in mind.


Join our craze and explore more Hermes Kelly posts below:

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Watch the Making of a Kelly bag up-close in the NY Mag The Cut Feature video.

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Hermes Kelly Dupe? The Chanel Coco Handle

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A “Kelly” by any other designer isn’t a Kelly, but may still be a great bag.

As many of you know, waiting for Kelly takes patience. The hardest part, however, may be not buying any other purse in the interim. I have learned over the years that when I want a certain item, I rarely am satisfied by a close-but-no-cigar alternative purchase. In other words, my mantra right now should be “Kelly or bust.” Okay, maybe “Kelly or Birkin or bust” – I’m a little flexible.

Fortunately, I am rarely tempted by bags not on my radar or appropriate for my lifestyle. I do not change bags daily, weekly…or even monthly. My MO is grab-and-go. For the last many months, that bag has been my GST.

I had hoped that by now a Hermes Kelly would be in my hands.   Alas, it’s not, but it does feel like time for a bag change. And something caught my eye.


It’s probably no surprise that it actually resembles a Kelly despite bearing Chanel’s name. The Coco Handle just works. I opted for gray rather than black and settled for the plain non-lizard handles (because my SA couldn’t find the lizard). I love the shape, the size, the color, even the handle and the strap. For Chanel, the price is even reasonable ($3800).

Just one thing…I haven’t used it yet.


What do you think? Will this satisfy my Kelly need for now? Will I keep the Coco Handle when I finally do get a Kelly?

I guess all of this is contingent on a much awaited arrival of the ever so elusive Kelly. For now, join me in the conversation on BopTalk to discuss my Hermes Kelly versus Chanel Coco Handle debate…

Maura Carlin

The Coco Handle bag is popping up everywhere! Check out the eye candy below…


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The Hermes Kelly Craze: Let’s Talk ‘Kelly Cut’

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Hermes knows how to turn a bag into a crowd favorite, a star, and even a legend. Each of Hermes’ bag designs is a true work of innovation that can’t help but be admired. The love and appreciation for Hermes’ greatest bags is contagious. PurseBop has a little bit of a love bug for all things Kelly (i.e.: #PurseBopsGoneKellyCrazy – no shame!) and that crush has spread to the Kelly Cut bag too.

A couple of weeks ago, we took your hand in investigating the Hermes mini craze. Now, let’s explore everything that the Hermes Kelly family has to offer from the original bag to much more!

FullSizeRender 88


Hermes Kelly Cut (1)

The Story of an Icon

If you’re a bag aficionado, even just the utter of the words “Kelly bag” probably makes your heart flutter. In fact, “Kelly” has become so natural to our Hermes vocabulary that we often have to remind ourselves of how this namesake came to be. To debrief you on a quick history, in 1954, actor Grace Kelly was performing in Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief, and worked extensively with the bag on set. The affair spiraled from there, and in 1956 she was photographed using the bag to cover her pregnant belly from the paparazzi. This moment became iconic in itself, and the bag became tremendously popular because it was endorsed by hollywood actress turned princess, Grace Kelly. The bag, previously named Sac à dépêches, officially became known as the Kelly bag in 1977.

The idea for the bag was actually conceived in the late 1800s and redesigned in the 1930s by Hermes’ son-in-law, Robert Dumas. The Sac à dépêches was originally meant to be a spacious travel bag that fit into a car door and allowed riders to carry their saddles.



The Kelly bag holds a prestigious chapter in bag history. Its timeless, elegant frame has naturally won over many fashionistas.  “Kelly” and “Birkin” are both names that have come to be synonymous with Hermes. The Birkin is considered the ultimate holy grail bag to some, and the Kelly bag is almost equally as loved and sought after. In fact, speaking to Hermes experts it seems the Kelly bag may have taken the lead in popularity. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose whether you’re a Team Birkin or a Team Kelly girl since each bag is such a masterpiece of it’s own. Either way, it’s safe to say #PurseBopsGoneKellyCrazy! Luckily, Hermes makes it easy to appreciate the heritage of the Kelly in many different forms.


@pursebop’s reveal of Miss BopTalk





All Shapes and Sizes: The Hermes Kelly Family

The Hermes Kelly family is extensive and quite diverse. The iconic Kelly hardware effortlessly adapts to mini and clutch bag styles as well as larger bags.

  • Hermes Kelly Bag (sizes: K20, K25, K28, K32, K35)
  • Hermes Kelly Longue (discontinued)
  • Hermes Kelly Cut
  • Hermes Kelly Pouchette
  • Hermes Kelly Lakis
  • Hermes Kelly Danse
  • Hermes Kelly Longue Wallet
  • Hermes So Kelly Bag

Hermes Kelly Bag


Photo Courtesy: FeatherFactor

Hermes Kelly Cut

FullSizeRender 89


FullSizeRender 94


Hermes Kelly Pouchette

FullSizeRender 97




From Bag to Clutch: The Kelly Cut, The Kelly Longue, and The Kelly Pouchette

The Kelly Longue and the Kelly Cut are shrunken down, clutch style versions of the Kelly bag. While the two styles are very similar, there are very significant and noticeable differences between the two. The Kelly Longue has a distinct trapezoidal shape much like the structure of the original Kelly bag. Compared to the Kelly Cut, the Kelly Longue is a little wider and can potentially hold more than a traditional, flat clutch. In comparison, the Kelly Cut is a sharp rectangular shape and a little longer the Kelly Longue, but shorter height wise. Both bags feature top handles. The Kelly Longue was discontinued around 2008, and the Kelly Cut was introduced as a new version of the style.

The Kelly Pouchette still mimics a smaller, clutch type of Kelly but is more like a small bag. Compared to both the Kelly Cut and Kelly Longue, the Kelly Pouchette is wider and has more volume. This makes the Kelly Pouchette more spacious and functional.

Read LeOrangeBliss’s “The Tale of 4 Hermes Clutches” for an in-depth review of Hermes’ most popular clutch styles.

Hermes Kelly Cut

Hermes Kelly Cut

Hermes Kelly Longue

Hermes Kelly Longue



Kelly Cut Love

As many fashionistas would agree, the Kelly Cut is the perfect addition to any H collection. Its sleek look easily lends to formal or evening occasions. However, it also serves well as a daytime bag due to its accessible size. Even though the Kelly Cut scores A+ on many factors, it is unfortunately quiet elusive in the Hermes world. The stock of Kelly Cut bags is very limited, and often they are only offered to elite and experienced clientele.

FullSizeRender 90


FullSizeRender 93


FullSizeRender 92


unnamed (11)

@leorangebliss shares her special reveal story.

FullSizeRender 91


FullSizeRender 87


Celebrity Sightings


Victoria Beckham with Hermes Kelly Longue

Jamie Lee Curtis Hermes Kelly Cut

Jamie Lee Curtis with Hermes Kelly Cut

Going a little Kelly crazy too?? Explore more Hermes Kelly articles below:

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