Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection

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Charlotte Olympia Dellal is a British designer that launched her eponymous brand back in 2008. Today Charlotte Olympia is a world-known luxury shoe and accessory brand. The designer has a very recognizable style that is inspired by the fashion in the 1940s and 50s. Her shoes and accessories are all glamorous and carry the old Hollywood spirit. Charlotte Olympia’s designs resemble the style of the old-school pin-up stars. All of her designs are marked with a gold spider web placed on the sole of the shoe.

The exclusive capsule collection will feature five special designs, that are a mixture of Olympia’s recognizable style and details from Spider-Man’s costume. Dellal is famous for her love of spider webs that she’s incorporated into her work so far. Charlotte is widely known for her kitty shoes and bags too. They also found their place in the Spider-Man collection. There will be styles available for both women and kids. So get ready to transform yourself and your little ones into superheroes. The fashion designer definitely took the Marvel concept of Spider-Man to a whole new level. The line includes sneakers, slip-on shoes, high-heeled shoes, backpack, and an elegant clutch.

There is a pair of very cool black sneakers named “Incy Work It”. The sneakers are embellished with sparkling crystals that are strategically placed to form a spider web.

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection black sneakers

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection black sneakers

The “Incy Cool Cat” slip-on sneakers are in a bold red color that reminds of Super-Man’s costume. They are decorated with a black spider web and an embroidered cat face. Olympia started creating sneakers only two years ago, so these two pairs will probably be on many wish lists.

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection red slip-on shoes

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection red slip-on shoes

The high heeled shoes carry the name “Super Octavia”. They are definitely a very bold choice, with an extremely high heel and platform. They are made of a black suede fabric that looks like a real spider web wrapped around your leg. The platforms are embellished with tiny crystals.

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection black platfrom heels

As for the bags, the cute backpack is meant for the kids. The “Incy Spiderweb” looks like the slip-on sneakers. It is a red suede backpack, with black web details and a cat face and ears. Last, but not the least, the “Incy Spinderella” clutch. It is an elegant black clutch, with crystals that form a web pattern. The bag also features a dramatic golden spider broche.

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection red backpack

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection black clutch


Charlotte Olympia already shared the five designs in the video that she posted on Instagram. It is an extremely fun and colorful animated video that presents the designs with pictures taken from Marvel’s Spiderman comics.

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection black clutch

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection red slip on sneakers

The limited-edition capsule collection will be released two days before the official debut of the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. The official release date is 5 July, which means that you have one week to decide which pieces you want to add to your wardrobe. The Charlotte Olympia X Spiderman collection will be available on the official online store of the brand, their boutiques, and several other retailers that are soon to be revealed.

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection red backpack

This is not the first collaboration for the Charlotte Olympia brand. It seems that the designer really enjoys creating themed collections. Previously she teamed up with Mattel to release a seven-piece line. The successful collection included Barbie-inspired bags and shoes for grown-up dolls. In 2016 Dellal collaborated with the cosmetic giant MAC Cosmetics, for a very chic and colorful makeup line, inspired by the old Hollywood glam. Shortly before that Charlotte worked with the lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. The collaboration resulted in an exclusive collection of lingerie and shoes. She didn’t miss the opportunity to incorporate her popular cobwebs, cats and leopard print.

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection black sneakers

Charlotte Olympia and Marvel Team Up for a Spider-Man Inspired Collection black platform heels

The luxury British brand Charlotte Olympia revealed that they are going to release a special collection with the American publisher group Marvel. The accessories brand posted a video on their Instagram with the title “#CharlotteOlympia teams up with the world’s most iconic web-slinger for a capsule collection launching 5th July! #COxSpiderMan #CaughtInCharlottesWeb#Marvel #SpiderMan @Marvel”. The capsule line is inspired by the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movie named “Spider-Man: Homecoming” that is scheduled for release on June 7.

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Do you love pearls? Well, say hello to Charlotte Olympia Necklace Pandora Bag. Inspired by their fancy box clutches, this one will melt your heart away.

A glamorous handbag is what you need. You see, it’s not about the box but all the attention is going to be streamed to the gold-tone beads (which looks like pearl necklace). For the elegant evenings, this is what will perfectionize your chic outfit. The stunning handles instantly elevate the smooth cream box clutch base.

The box is large enough to carry your must-take-with-me essentials, the interior comes with an internal zipped pouch. It opens with a magnetic fastening.

Measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.5’ inches, priced €995 euro or $1095 USD.



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Ladies, how much love for this bag?

Oh gosh, where do I start?

Charlotte Olympia makes our dream come true, they surprise us with fairy-tale-like handbags and now they have done it again. Presenting the ‘Heirloom Case’ Clutch Bag. It’s a treasure to behold, now read the details.

Everything about this bag is sophisticated – first it’s like a machine made from pearl necklace and jewels. The design is very inspiring and cleverly-made.

The piece features a golden safe lock detailing on the front, can you see that? The interior reveals a crystal-embellished velvet pouch – store everything you need tonight inside.

Carry the clutch bag by hand or grab the top handles for easier carrying. Tonight you don’t need to worry about boring anyone because this bag is so exciting that it will make any dress interesting.

Here’s what you need to know, the size is measured 6.5’ x 9.5’ x 2.5’ (H x W x D) inches and it will be priced at $1925 USD or €1745 euro via SSENSE.



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Charlotte Olympia’s New Africa-Inspired SS 2016 Collection

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Charlotte Olympia chose a careful inspiration for her spring/summer 2016 shoe and accessory collection, entitled “I Married Adventure,” based on the memoir by Osa Johnson. The looks were created as a trip around the world, but clearly her thought process stopped frequently in Africa. The leopard and alligator patterns were by far the most striking prints. Her deep red alligator clutch was larger than life, and brought a new, high fashion light to the image. The image of an alligator mixed with a high fashion clutch seems mind-boggling, but one look at the product, and I’m on board.

Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer 2016 Shoes and Bags

Another like-juxtaposition is her use of wood. The mixture seems so unconventional and outside the realm of a luxury shoe line, but Charlotte Olympia has never been one to stay confined by barriers. She added the wood to a shoe, as a platform and as the heel itself, and the result was gorgeous. Paired with a pale fabric and leather designed to mimic wood, the whole shoe almost appears to be carved from wood, at a first glance. The wood is also used later, in another shoe featuring an off-white fabric. She used a similar technique with a simple white clutch, which she adorned with the weaving wood. This clutch skirts the edge of luxury, but really works in her favor, especially with the jewel spider atop the bag.

Her use of prints is truly remarkable in the new Charlotte Olympia spring 2016 collection, and it is unmistakably her own. The slightly-eccentric design aesthetic really shows the fun, quirky nature of the designer, and creates some remarkable work in the end. So even if the methods seem a bit mad at times, once you see the outcome, everything comes together.

There are no boundaries with this collection, as everything seems to be incohesively cohesive. She uses animal prints/textures, subtle colors, bold colors, quirky prints, wood, and even in one case, a map of countries as a print. This shoe is a show-stopping piece, and uses the actual countries’ shapes to contour the shape of a shoe. This is such an intriguing, innovative design, and embodies everything Charlotte Olympia is about as a designer.

Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer 2016 Shoes and Bags

Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer 2016 Shoes and Bags

She plays to her strengths with print work, but in some cases, it seems she abandons this. She showed a pair of shoes, featuring not only leopard print, but the whole leopard skin, pasted on the front of the shoe. This blatant disregard for her aesthetic in the collection to that point is striking, and also makes for a fun shoe that makes one question the use of animal prints in the fashion industry.

There is no doubt that Charlotte Olympia took her inspiration from Africa for her spring/summer 2016 collection. She incorporated new, fun aspects of design that showed her innovation and creativity as a designer. Even the gaudiest pieces were fun, because Olympia puts her stamp on everything she creates, so you know you’re always in for a fun adventure when a new collection comes from her.

Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer 2016 Shoes and Bags

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When I spotted it on the runway, it was like love on first sight. I also love the outfit that the model was carrying with the bag, which is striped with pink, purple and white. And her hat!

But the must-have is really the bag, it’s named Olympia Le-Tan Chalk Box Hand Shoulder Bag and its looks like a do-it-yourself candy box.

Added with a little bit of vintage.

Not only is this bag cute but also playful. It’s a clever piece of accessory dropped from the fantasy world. Add this bag to your collection and wear it when you want to flaunt your playful personality.

The Olympia-Le-Tan Chalk Box Hand Shoulder Bag is handcrafted, it’s very visual when you touch it. This is also why it’s so unique.

With printed lining, hand-embroidered details like the candy-colored resin beaded shoulder strap. The top flap is designed with a magnetic closure to open and close.

For those that are interested, it’s made from cotton. Measuring 13.5 x 10 x 3.5 (H x W x D), priced at $1117 USD via Luisa Via Roma.



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