Celine Pocket Handbag in Seashell

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We know most Celine fans are luggage, trapeze and phantom hunters, these bags are like drugs, you just can’t get enough from it. It’s like salt water, the more we drink, the thirstier we get.
But we though the Celine Pocket Handbag in Seashell was not very important enough to review, until we received a question from Tiff: ‘Can someone tell me the price of the Celine Calfskin Pocket in Seashell?’. Tiff was referring to the latest Winter 2014 Collection of course, but if we take our time to review the Fall 2014 Collection, you can see that this bag is released in both collections.
Two collections and 1 type of bag is enough to draw our attention.
The Celine Pocket Handbag in Seashell is a shoulder bag and it looks kind-of funny – like an envelope. It’s designed in the Celine way, which means tri-colors (you know how Celine love to mix colors).
The bag is squared and it comes with a golden chain strap. The bag can be closed with the snap embellished on the front flap. It’s crafted from smooth calfskin, but also available in stamped pony for the fuzzy bag lovers.
The colors are perfect for the fall and winter – it’s darker to match your winter wardrobe. So what do you think? A bag to love or not?


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For ladies with a timeless and classic taste when it comes to fashion, bags and accessories, one thing is certain: Chanel is a brand they keep coming back to for it provides them their fashion fixes. As the legendary Coco Chanel once puts it: “A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.” And in order to be classy and fabulous, one must have a great taste in fashion especially when it comes to handbags since it can either make or break your outfit.

It’s that important so no wonder why women love collecting hundreds of bags in this lifetime. For Chanel lovers out there, the Chanel Pocket Quilted Shoulder Bag is another bag investment to look forward to. Perfectly exquisite and elegant in all its angles, this bag of a gem is sure another style staple to watch out for.

Made from the same quilted material that we used to love, this black handbag is sure to make your heart skip a beat. Besides, a woman can never have too many bags, right?

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Couldn’t get enough of the leather goodness? Well, Celine’s Pocket Trifolded Multifunction is here to make you feel like you’re in pink leather heaven. Taking in mind the versatility and flexibility of a modern-day damsel in distress, Celine came out with this fashion forward wallet piece that comes in different fashion-forward and monobloc colors. The 21st Cinderella need no cinder or broom for what she exactly needs is one fashion piece that will make her feel like she’s at the top of the world, with no exaggerations intended.

Every woman knows that a wallet is a must in her everyday bag routine so you should own one that is good and reliable. For starters, you will never go wrong with the pocket trifolded multifunction wallet from Celine as it is sleek and not too bulky so no need to worry that it will consume too much space inside your everyday go-to bag.

Minimal in design yet nevertheless stylish, this fashion piece just screams sophistication in all its angles. One need not feel ashamed upon pulling her wallet when she needs to pay at the grocery or at the shopping mall since this wallet is classy and snazzy. It has the following dimensions: 19.5 x 11 cm (8′ x 4′ inches) and retails for €560 euro.


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Hello, ladies! We know that a lot of you here are on the lookout not only for the perfect tote or shoulder piece, but also for evening bags that would add a much needed ‘oomph’ to any outfit. With that in mind, we present you the Celine Pocket Evening Clutch on Chain, a beautiful piece that’s sure to give you more style points than usual. For the belle of night events, here’s something you shouldn’t miss!

Measuring 28cm x 17cm x 6cm, this pocket evening clutch is made with black shagreen and smooth calfskin – a beautiful combination of luxe materials that are sure to last you more than a few years of use (with proper care and storage, of course). Also, let’s not forget about the bag’s chain, which makes it very versatile. Carry it with your hands, or drape it over your shoulders – it’s your call!

Priced at €1,500 EUR, you can get your very own Pocket Evening Clutch

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Chanel Pocket Box Bag

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Everyone has weaknesses and I have them too. I will completely forget about my lose-weight program if you put delicious cupcakes on the table. I am caution about spending, that is, until you drop me at Champ Elysees and unlock my unlimited credit card. And my biggest weakness is… not even my favorite food, but CHANEL.

How will the world be without Chanel?

Don’t ask me that question, I can’t image!


Well let’s imagine!

Imagine you’re dreaming and you walked into a Chanel boutique. The SA greets you with an honest smile and guide you a table. She grabs a few handbags and put them on the table, which color would you choose?

The Chanel Pocket Box Bag is kind-of the Camera Bag attached to a small Chanel pouch. It’s made with a boxy shape, embellished with a flap and CC logo on the front. The bag can be carried with woven chain link and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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What you didn’t know…

The Chanel Pocket Box Bag comes in different color like red, yellow, black, blue and even green. It’s available in two sizes, small and extra small. You can get this bag in patent leather, nice and shine!

And here are the details:

Chanel Pocket Box Small Bag
Style code: A94206
Size: 4.7′ x 7.1′ x 3.9′ inches
Price Small: $3100 USD, €2090 euro, £1760 GB

The price is all right, but would you consider investing in this bag?

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