Chanel Embellished Carbon Surfboard

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No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This is neither a hoax nor was it customised especially for an overenthusiastic Chanel customer. This is an authentic product that you can now buy from your local Chanel, something which I saw for myself when I was last holidaying in Bangkok.

Priced at a whopping SGD10,890, I’m pretty sure it will meet all the basic technical specifications that one needs to meet to ride the waves on, since (and you might not know this) Chanel has a history of retailing sports and sports-related products, from basketballs to tennis rackets, so why not a carbon surfboard?

Now excuse me while I go channel Gisele Bündchen and ride the waves for a while. But it will have to be quick, I still need to send my daughter to school, do a fashion shoot and then drive all the way into the city to meet my husband. A girl, I mean, a boy can dream too, right?

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