Getting Ready For Valentine’s Day With Some Hot Red Replica Bags!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the color most of us associate this holiday with is red, of course. I can’t believe I have never praised red replica bags on my blog! This may sound like a huge cliché, but a red handbag is a must-have in any gal’s wardrobe.

Red Replica Bags Best Picks

So here are some great bag picks for Valentine’s Day and not only, all in red color! This color is sexy, sophisticated and passionate and so should you V-day date be!

Red Replica Bags Take You From Drab To Fab!

Hey, single ladies, this goes for you too! Trust me, men are drawn to red like I am drawn to replica bags. And nothing makes a woman more attractive than her self-confidence and impeccable style. So it’s enough to use a red bag to make even a simple outfit look much more fabulous! Just imagine this: a nice pair of blue jeans, a black and white striped top and a red handbag. It changes the outfit entirely! If you don’t believe me, just look at these fabulous outfits: Even celebrities love this combination and use their red designer bags to add a pop of color to otherwise boring outfits.

Olivia Palermo Red Handbag Casual Outfit

Olivia Palermo wearing a red Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag and a striped black and white top

Miranda Kerr Red Handbag Outfit

Miranda Kerr wearing a striped dress, black bazer and red Prada bag

Imagine this as well: you’re having a dull day and there’s nothing much you can do about it. Except taking your colorful bag out of your closet to brighten up your look and mood!

Red replica bags aren’t just about Valentine’s Day and Christmas, really. They do match these two important occasions but this doesn’t mean you won’t be wearing them a lot in the rest of the year as well. Red can almost be considered a neutral because it matches so many other colors. It looks amazing with all-black outfits, white, beige, navy and even with pink, can you believe that? Red and pink may seem like an unlikely combination, but these celebrity outfits prove us wrong. Hey, if SJP approved of this, then it must be good!

Pink and Red Color Combination

Pink and Red Outfits Audrina Patridge Sarah Jessica Parker and Emma Stone

Taking Your Red Bag To Work

You can also take your red replica bag to work if the size and the structure also allow you to use it for this purpose. Even if your workplace is very formal and you have to wear sober clothes, you can use your red handbag to look more feminine and change your look completely. Oh, the amazing power of red! Here is a Mulberry Bayswater replica review that will prove you this red replica bag is a great work bag. The simple and classic design allows the gorgeous color to stand out. Here is an all-neutral outfit combined with a red Mulberry Bayswater. Don’t you think the outfit would look pretty drab without this pop of color?

Mulberry Bayswater Red How To Wear It

Mulberry Bayswater Red Work Outfit

If you want to recreate this Olivia Palermo fake Birkin work outfit, I would recommend to choose the red Birkin instead. Don’t you think it would make her outfit look even better?

Olivia Palermo Fake Birkin Attire

Olivia Palermo Fake Birkin Work Look – Choose Red Instead!

There are a lot of red replica bags to choose from that come in different materials, different sizes and even different shade. There’s orange-y red, bright red, dark red and many other shades in between. It’s enough to think about all those original and Hermes Birkin replica bags out there that come in so many nuances.

Best Red Replica Bags Picks

So either if you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day bag or simply looking to buy yourself a new bag to love, take a look here and allow yourself to be delighted with some eye-candies. Here are just some of my favorites: the Chloe replica Drew bag, the Gucci Soho Disco bag replica, the red crocodile leather fake Birkin bag, the Hermes Jige clutch red and also the Saint Laurent replica Monogram Chain Wallet just to name a few.

Chloe Replica Drew Red

Chloe Replica Drew Bag Bright Red

Jige Hermes Clutch Red

Hermes Jige Clutch Red Casual Outfit

Saint Laurent Replica Wallet On Chain Red

Monogram Saint Laurent Replica Chain Wallet In Red Grain De Poudre Textured Leather

Crocodile Leather Imitation Fake Birkin Bag Red

Kris Jenner wearing a red crocodile leather Hermes Birkin bag

How To Wear Your Red Bag

So let me see…where could you wear your red replica bags? Well, anywhere would be the answer! There is no limit to the versatility of this color. Red is bright and bold without losing its sophistication and you can easily incorporate it into your work or free time wardrobe, it is subtler pop of color than bright neon but also bold enough to give you a boost of confidence.

Apart from red replica bags, you can go a little thematic and wear a heart-shaped piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day. It’s the only day of the year when it’s okay to be cheesy, so why not go for it?

And here’s an extra tip: maybe you’ve heard before that if you’re a redhead, you shouldn’t wear red. Don’t believe that! A red bag is actually a great way to wear red and it complements all hair colors, not just blonde or brunette.

So don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t wear something you like. Follow your own style and everything will be okay. The only piece of advice I can give you as per how to wear red replica bags is to remember that contrast combinations like red-black or red-white have a more powerful impact but if you want to play it safe for work, just avoid wearing your red bag with other bright colors like pink or orange/salmon/peach/coral, it might be too much.

So ladies, what replica bags would you wear to your Valentine’s Day date? Leave your comment below!

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Excuses me, I am a bit late in informing you about the latest Chanel Valentine Flap Bag. Well, forgive me.

This bag is covered with heart-shaped charms, but not as intensively as the Chanel Valentine Flap Bag in 2014. The 2014 version was made in pink lambskin and was available in bi-color. The CC and heart charms were just a bit different than the original Classic Flap Bag, but still timeless.

READ: Chanel Valentine 2014 Flap Bag

But let’s talk about the present and not the past, this Chanel Flap Bag is made from Python. Yes it’s the ultimate luxury item and you will love it.


Because it’s painted in pink! And the charms, can you resist that?

The charms are an exception; they include the famous Camellia flower, the CC logo (Duuh!), heart charm with little gem-like stones, and a butterfly charm with pearl detailing on its back.

Besides pink, it also comes in beige.

Well, I think its time for a hunt right? Who’s going to get this bag?

Oh… and one more thing, to give you an insight about the prices, the pink one is retailing for around €3690 euro.



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Christian Louboutin Valentine Shoes

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We can never get enough shoes, and we want to the best of the best for our closet. If you need heels and heart for the Valentine, just go for a visit at Christian Louboutin boutique.


Exclusive for the Valentine Day, Louboutin releases a series of new pumps and flats. Take a closer look at the Cora Front Flats (also available in pumps), it’s heart-inspired and kind-of mixed with the brand’s classic – black shoes with red sole. Your big heart on the toe is noticeable, how can anyone miss?


The Christian Louboutin Cora Glitter Pumps is where you wear your heart on your shoes in this season. In super-cute and sweet pink PVC heart that rests on the arch of the foot. With mini glitter all over it plus the red-sole provide a touch of feminine for the summer look.

Check out Christian Louboutin e-store for more accessories.




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Charlotte Olympia Valentine Shoes

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Valentine is coming up, have you thought about your gifts? The Valentine’s day is also a good reason to give yourself a little treat, presenting the Charlotte Olympia Valentine Shoes.


They are all treated with hearts, but none is bigger than Charlotte Olympia’s Love Vamp Pumps. Elegant and colored in nude, finished with sultry red heart at its toe – it adds an interesting touch to your classic silhouette.


The Love Betsy Booty is designed in the name of love, an unforgettable shoe perfect for your wardrobe. Made in suede and black, covered with red leather hearts all over the boots. Spread your love and passion throughout the winter and spring seasons.


At Charlotte Olympia: ‘No kitty no Valentine’. The signature Kitty Flats get a flirtatious makeover for the Valentine’s Day. These shoes are called ‘Kiss Me Kitty’ and they are set against smooth black velvet, embroidered with Kitty face you know and the love is finished with an irrespirable pair of puckering red lips.

All available at Charlotte Olympia e-store.


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Gucci Valentine 2015 Chocolate Gift

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Chocolate that instantly melts in your mouth, the sweetness on your tongue, all the way to your tummy. Yum Yum, and what’s a better gift to express your love than to give a box of Gucci Valentine Chocolate Edition.

Fine chocolates with different flavors, printed with heart motif and the brand’s GG logo. The flavor Ganache is containing white and bitter of Kirusshu, cherry liquor. More flavors includes raspberry and they are packed inside an amazing box.

These chocolates will be released from 24 January to 14 March. The special box comes with 8 pieces which retails for around $28 USD. 4 pieces are priced around $18 USD and 12 pieces for around $37 USD. You can call Gucci customer service for more information about its store availability.



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