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A new Chanel Bag has been unchained and released to the fashion world. This bag is going to make a lot of ladies addicted and hooked forever. Have you ever craved for your own Chanelli, but couldn’t keep up with the classic prices. Well, this one is priced way below and it’s evenly pretty and timeless. Introduced for thePre-Fall 2017 Collection, there is still time to snap this bag for your wardrobe.

The Design

The part quilting and part smooth leather design is the latest trend. This design is a mixture of classic and modern, the best of both worlds. The flap and the sides of the bag are made in smooth leather while the center is diamond quilted.

The chains are what made this bag so stunning, imagine without the chains (don’t image =)). The woven chain leather strap is covered around the diamond-quilted part in the center. Then it’s refined with the signature smooth CC logo on the front.

Take a closer look at this bag; it’s flexible and curved from the front flap to the bottom sides. You can carry the bag with leather strap that can be adjusted to your comfort. The only downsize is the leather, it’s made from lambskin which is quite fragile. But this lambskin also gives you an amazing luxurious appeal.

The Sizes And Prices

The style code is A91802, the size is 4.7’ x 8.1’ x 1.8’ inches and this bag is retailing for $2700 USD, €2500 euro, £2220 GBP, $3960 SGD, $19700 HKD, ¥316440 JPY, ¥19300 CNY, $3300 CAD via Chanel boutiques.

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Looks like French fashion house Chanel is taking the biggest leap of faith when it comes to its hand bags. Just recently, it launched its wide array of new bag designs for its Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. Chanel fans might get the shock of their lifetime for this fashion brand is sporting new prints, styles and decorations for its flap bags which might seem quirky and eccentric to others, but in a good fashion way.

Take for example the Chanel Cat Flap Bag that looks entirely cute in all its angles. It still has the chained strap we are accustomed to but the added two white flowers on top of it, plus the cat and peace designs are just way too pretty while the golden CC label is still there.


This golden-toned Chanel peace Flap Bag is equally gorgeous as well! An absolute eye candy, its golden champagne color is too irresistible to pass upon. The added peace signs on top of the flap is on the other hand another sight to behold!

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