Dior Split Sunglasses Reference Guide

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Introducing the Dior Split Sunglasses. The brand’s newest sunglasses features the classic Aviator shape which has two tone colors. There are different color combinations available, having gold or silver metal inserts and mirrored lenses with 100% UV protection in colors like pink, silver, green and blue. Rihanna was first spotted sporting these sunglasses during the Spring/Summer 2016 runway show.

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US Price

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Dior Split Sunglasses $485.00 (USD) €430.00



Dior Gold/Silver Split Sunglasses

Dior Silver/Blue Split Sunglasses

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LuxExpose-Dior-Split-1 (2)
Dior has been wowing us with eyewear of late. From the So Real sunglasses spotted on Rihanna to the more recent Chromic pairs, the brand is really pushing the envelope with some futuristic and innovative designs. The latest in their line of eyewear are the DiorSplit sunglasses, a graphic take on classic aviators.The sunglasses feature metallic inserts that contrast with the wide strip of mirrored lens. The sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and will be available in 5 colorways with lenses in pink, green dark and light blue as well as silver.
Dior was on such a roll with their eyewear that we’re almost a touch disappointed with these. They’re neither as cool as So Real nor as chic as Chromic. Even Rihanna -who sported them to Dior’s S/S 2016 show- couldn’t make them look anything more than ordinary. And we already know that Rihanna makes everything look good.
If you love them more than we do, then run to a Dior boutique. DiorSplit sunglasses are priced at around $485, and are currently available only in store.

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Best Retro Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2016

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For the past 12 months or so, we have been immersed in all that is retro. We went back to the 1970s with gusto in 2015, we are swimming in the ‘70s and ‘80s along with a few other decades this year in 2016 and so on and on it goes. We have seen incredible 2016 retro sunglasses, trends of which we are enjoying greatly from the Fashion Weekrunways for the spring and summer of this year. And with spring coming around soon, as in within 2 months, we certainly need to get ourselves well versed in the top 2016 sunglasses trends.

When it comes to 2016 eyewear trends, the sunglasses certainly top it off, with 10 of the top retro looks appearing among the list that we put together a few months back. Many of them are already available for purchase so we’ll certainly be stocking up soon enough. Which 2016 retro sunglasses should you be on the lookout for?

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends

1. Sexy Reflective Lenses: It is certainly one of the most interesting looks and it shields your eyes from more than the sun. Those lovely orbs of yours will be protected from the leery eyes of those around you as well. Chanel really came in with it good, while we also saw it at Akris, with some rather interesting Matrix looks.

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Chanel

2. Fun Aviator Looks: If there is a style that never seems to go out of style, it is the awesome aviator look that everyone from Chanel to Stella McCartney, House of Holland to Acne, and so many more showed off on the SS 2016 runway shows.

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Emporio Armani

3. Peaked Cat Eye Sunnies: Cat Eyes are rather intriguing this season as they come with regular lenses and peaked ends, like sexy felines with a flair for fun and chic allure. If you want some really nice ones, try out Moschino, Dries Van Noten, Anna Suiand Eudon Choi.

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Dries van Noten

4. Double Wire Rims: Larger lenses are sexy no matter how you look at it, but those double wire rims are more than just intriguing; they remind you of your childhood when you stole your mother’s sunglasses and pranced around, only this time you can have them in Carolina Herrera or even Paul & Joe.

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Paul & Joe

5. Ombre Lenses: What is more retro than ombre lenses? We cannot tell you the answer to that but we can certainly revere the beauty of it all as we grab ourselves a sexy retro piece from Prada, Emporio Armani or Jason Wu.

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Emporio Armani

6. Rimless Glasses: It may not be common, but it certainly was a 2016 sunglass trend, with the lack of rims giving away the intriguing nature of the Chanel, Roberto Cavalli and Akris looks, the last really taking on a Neo look with its tiny oval lenses.

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Roberto Cavalli

7. Rounded Lenses: Circular lenses, particularly large ones that feature bug eyes, can be seen throughout, from Carolina Herrera to Fendi, Costume National to Emporio Armani. It is a lovely 2016 eyewear trend that has been around a while and will continue to appear with all the different trends in tow.

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Fendi

8. Yellow Lenses: It appears that the lenses are the biggest retro eyewear styles brought in, with the yellow certainly reining strong, something you can buy into by picking up a Fendi pair or House of Holland, from No. 21 or Gucci, Dries Van Noten or Roberto Cavalli.

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Gucci

9. Really Colorful Lenses: While yellows really did appear a lot, we did see a whole bunch of other colors, from gamer girls at Emilio Pucci to the amethyst hues at Kenzoor Anna Sui, fire burning instead at the likes of Chanel and Nicholas K.

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Tommy Hilfiger

10. Oversized Sunglasses: One of the top, if not the top trend for 2016 eyewear is the oversized look, which has appeared on nearly every single runway and which you can easily shop for from nearly every brand. Whether you opt for a pair from Dolce & Gabbana or pick up a suave look from Antonio Marras, you go for the Gucci designs or look for a D lens from Boss or Bibhu Mohapatra, you know that you are going to be rocking the top trend in 2016 retro sunglasses!

Summer 2016 Retro Sunglasses Trends: Antonio Marras

Below, in the image gallery you’ll find the trendiest retro sunglasses for summer 2016 that you can shop right now!

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Cartier sunglasses (1)

Cartier’s Trinity de Cartier sunglasses are most definitely on our Most Wanted list for their stylish, urban appeal. The purple composite sunglasses feature some sparkle on the frame and a drape inspired detail on the temple. Three-tone smooth golden and palladium finish décor, a round shape, graduated gray lenses and temple tips with a the Cartier signature complete the look of these chic sunglasses.

Cartier sunglasses (2)
The sunglasses are handmade in Italy and are the perfect companion for when you’re taking a tropical, sunbaked vacation.

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Chanel Polarized Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2016

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The newest arrivals Chanel Polarized Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2016 are perfect options to anticipate the upcoming must-have sunny day’s essentials closet. From butterfly, cat-eye, square, pantos, oval, rectangle, round to aviator and other frame shapes, the eyewear of the luxury French fashion brand is characterized by sophisticated chic oversized silhouettes to complete modern women’s everyday look during the hot seasons.

Chanel Bijou, Signature, Chain, Quilting, Pearl, Pilot Polarized Sunglasses 2016

As seen on the runway, the new Chanel eyewear spring/summer 2016 collection is unmistakably among chic and elegant elements, must-have accessories for women with ultra-modern touch and versatile accents to enhance the look especially within the upcoming sunny weather. From Bijou, Signature, Pearl to Chain and Charms, the latest lines of polarized sunglasses collection of the luxury French fashion house is available in various colors, frame shapes and enriched with precious jewel embellishments such as delicate jewel, metal chain appliqué in gold or silver finished tones, quilting and other signature details of the house.

Discover also the newest lines of statement eyewear and other designer accessories in Michael Kors JUST BECAUSE Holiday Gift Guide for Women Featuring Color Blush.

Chanel Eyewear: Bijou Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

Chanel Bijou Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

Charming yet luscious Polaroid design inspired by Coco’s excitement for costume jewelry, the Chanel’s statement Bijou eyewear is crafted in luxe acetate, tortoise and nylon fiber or other lightweight yet quality materials and characterized by appealing frame with pearl and signature metal CC logo adorned temples. Available in various fancy designs, from dazzling cat-eye, oval, butterfly, sophisticated square, round, pantos to rectangle, the statement sunglasses are featuring extravagant oversized styles with a touch of chic contemporary allure to perfectly wrap around and fit any face types. To complete any alluring outfits from spring-summer 2016 closet, these opulent, chic polarized sunglasses are offered in burgundy, black/grey or tortoise/brown for glam look with classic attitude in the city. (Price: $570 – $1300)

Don’t miss also some valuable Tips & Ideas for Choosing the Best Sunglasses Shapes & Colors for your Face Type.

Chanel Eyewear: Signature Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

Chanel Signature Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

Dedicated exclusively to keep your eyes protected during the sunny days, the Signature are also among the charming eyewear of the house. From retro-inspired rectangle to sophisticated butterfly, cool cat-eye, classic yet eclectic oval, square and pantos shaped-frames, the Chanel’s signature comes in various concepts. To emphasize a trendy chic attitude in every occasion of the hot season, of course you cannot miss the unique psychedelic printed acetate frame polarized sunglasses in various multicolor choices, classic tortoise tones, or other modern hues with matching gradient lenses featuring distinctive CC logo at the pole of the temples as signed by Coco herself. (Price: $400 – $475)

Check out also fabulous retro-inspired sunglasses of Persol Eyewear Collection Typewriter Edition.

Chanel Eyewear: Chain Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

Chanel Chain Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

Versatile chic with a touch of minimalist accent for a timeless elegant look, inspired by iconic handbags of the luxury French fashion house, the Chain is characterized by opulent yet delicate metal hardware in gilded gold or silver-finished tones on its temples. From elegant round and square to cat-eye or butterfly-shaped frame, this ultra-modern eyewear is perfectly designed to match every face type while its simple oversized style gives a striking effortless attitude. (Price: $510 – $620)

For gentlement, complete also your eyeglasses wardrobe with the Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Eyewear Collection SS 2015 Rubber Skin.

Chanel Eyewear: Quilting Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

Chanel Quilting Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

Available in soft beige, pink, light green, aqua blue, burgundy and many other modern color options, these polarized Chanel eyewear is defined by slightly chunky and bold frame in clear acetate and temples with fabulous yet refined quilted details. You can opt for a charming butterfly frame in dark tortoise with dark brown gradient lenses to emphasize a glam, classic attitude. (Price: $450 – $470)

Enrich also your casual elegant look with “Master The Light” – The New Boss Eyewear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

Chanel Eyewear: Pearl Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

Chanel Pearl Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

As alternative to the Bijou, Pearl has almost the same distinction. This statement polarized Chanel eyewear is ultimately perfect choice to enhance your everyday look. For a glam city to the street with a chic and seductive allure, you can opt for butterfly, square, cat-eye or oval featuring luxury pearl with CC logo embellished on the pole of the temples or the alluring cat-eye with chain and pearl appliqué on the tip of the temples. (Price: $520 – $1050)

For ladies, of course you won’t also miss the enchanting collection of Max Mara Flower Bloom Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2015.

Chanel Eyewear: Pilot Polarized Aviator Sunglasses SS 2016

Chanel Pilot Polarized Sunglasses SS 2016

From beach to enjoy beautiful scenery to the city shopping time, this polarized aviator will give you a distinctive sense. Made of lightweight metal with goatskin and rubber appliqué on its temples, the Chanel Pilot eyewear is offered in three different colors; silver/black frame with dark grey gradient lenses, silver/white frame with dark grey gradient lenses and gold/brown frame with brown gradient lenses. (Price: $470)

Those are among the superb models of polarized eyewear proposed by Gucci to anticipate the upcoming hot season we shared here with the price list and luxury details of the house. Dedicated to complete ladies everyday looks at any occasions, these sunglasses are also available in other various styles featuring chic modern and sophisticated allure with the presence of signature details of the brand. Shop the items above and find other eye-catching styles

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Chanel Tiptoes in to Online Accessories Sales with Sunglasses

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